ZKR INTERNATIONAL, with headquarters in Qingdao and production plant in Shandong province, is an European company with its own technology for the manufacturing of high and medium density alumina products, with its main focus being the supply of high and medium density alumina balls and lining bricks for milling processes in several industry fields, such as ceramics, chemicals, inks, paints, white cement and mining, among others.

ZKR INTERNATIONAL belongs to a European business group with an experience of more than 30 years in manufacturing and distribution of alumina balls and lining bricks for grinding,  it has available an international structure with own offices and warehouses located in Europe, Asia and America where it distributes their products worldwide.

ZKR INTERNATIONAL is offering both products and services:

  • High density alumina balls.
  • High-medium density alumina balls.
  • Medium density alumina balls.
  • High density alumina linings.
  • High-medium density alumina linings.
  • Special alumina wear resistance pieces.
  • Alumina micro spheres
  • Ceramic Proppants “LightWeight”
  • Technical and personalized service.


ZKR INTERNATIONAL. is a company specialized of supplying high, and medium, density alumina balls and linings, for milling raw materials at the ceramic, chemical, ink, painting, white cement and mining industries, among others.